Promises And Porcelain Hearts

promises and porcelain hearts

Promises and porcelain hearts

Two of a kind, they are breathtaking

Universally fragile, universally alive

Universally breathtaking


They are sad, and they are beautiful

Like a rusted childhood swing

They are melancholic yet binding,

The essence a dying breath would bring


Could be broken, could be scarred

Could be as well torn apart…

They’re what keeps us going

Promises and porcelain hearts





Shame In Tears

Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes unfair…but it always is okay at the end. John Lennon will complete my point 🙂

Some cry out, and the world hears them

Some sniffle and hide, by their mother’s hem

Some cry to their pillows, night after night

Some go numb, normalcy not in sight

Some don’t, not because they’re unhit…

They believe it’ll get better, piece by piece….bit by bit

Pride Month

June 28,1969-people out of hiding, people out on the streets, fighting for their right, fighting against what they fear… fighting over the right of life.

Fighting over the right of life..

June 28,1970-people on streets… remembering, reminding that not only male/female but the ‘other’ are human too..




June 28,2018-people still hiding,still celebrating… people acknowledging, people shying away. Somewhere, the stigma still ingrained… It’s the Pride Month.

Somewhere, the stigma ingrained.




June 28, year unknown- No more inhuman laws,no more irrational intolerance, no more hiding. It truly is the Pride Month!!

Ink Spill; A Diary Entry

                     I don’t know how to start…after all, I’m penning down an emotion within the cramped infiniteness of a moment. I deduce it is a lot like love from what I’ve read about it, but in the widest, largest sense of its meaning. It’s not a person, neither is it felt towards a specific thing. That heavy feeling in my thoracic cavity, that slight tingling…I’ve read about it, apparently that’s how love feels. I can’t get the grin off my face, even if it’s Panic! At The Disco playing. No Ed Sheeran there.

…penning down an emotion within the cramped infiniteness of a moment

            Oh it happens, you wave it off dismissively…A windy night tends to bring back memories, some love. As the wind catches your curls, you tend to remember…Ah! But there lies the catch. It didn’t bring ‘back’ anything, there was no past involved, no memory.



       You try to box the feeling, attach a tag, attach a name to it. Sometimes you give it your crush’s name, but it never stays. It simply fades away, and you don’t even notice.

…there was no past involved, no memory.

    They eventually find their way, all of them grinning like me. My friends, acquaintances, those people who give me a passing smile…Those I never imagined I would even remember, set aside miss. But I do. I do remember them, but not with sadness.I know I’ll never see them again, but there is no sadness in this remembrance. This weight in my chest…it’s not sadness. It feels heavy, but I’m soaring. This big balloon swells inside me, but my feet remain cemented to the ground.

…I made mistakes…I will make them, but it’s okay.

                   For the first time,in the hours I spend alone with my thoughts for company, I don’t feel regret or guilt or uncertainty. I know I made mistakes, but it’s done. I know I will make them, but it’s okay. Tomorrow might turn out to be a tearful day with no friends, but right now I’m my best companion. Because right now, I’m happy… so satisfied.

And right now, that’s what matters…